About Us

In 2010, after 7 years as a professional massage therapist working in resort spas, country clubs and serving my own clientele, I found myself  ready for something new! I still loved what I did, I just knew that it was time to add something.

I didn’t know exactly what that thing was.  I had plenty of repeat massage clients, a tool box full of the highest quality hospitality style customer care techniques  and I was well trained to provide the most beautiful spa style treatments.

It was a only a short while after realizing all of this that someone I worked with said in passing, “Hey, I’m selling my mobile spray tan business, if you know anyone who might be interested let me know.”

Immediately, I blew it off thinking  “I don’t know anyone. Whatever.”

Only a day or two later, it occurred to me that I had already been trained to do spray tans in a previous Lead Technician role at a high end spa, and I loved it. I remembered when I was a teenager and I saw a quick segment on the Today Show about spray tans that I first got super excited and curious about them.

“I could totally do that!” I called the lady to find out the price tag. $5,000 OUCH!

I didn’t have the money but it was so darn clear to me that this was my next thing. So, I found a way to buy the business and went for it.

Even though the business came with a client list I didn’t retain all of them, as is the case with most personal service based business. (Plus, I didn’t know nearly what I know now in how to engage those clients). Nonetheless, I was still able to begin making $1,000 per month in added side income doing spray tans. That means I made back my investment in less than 6 months! 

I was able to increase that to $1,500 per month and sometimes $2,000 per month in high season times.

I maintained this for over 8 years and in that time created a spray tan method that had people driving to me two hours just to get their spray and come back to me over and over, telling me I gave the best spray tan every time. I was able to charge at the top of the market and mostly build my clientele from word of month.

Within my first year I had people reaching out to me to teach them what I was doing and so I casually taught my first classes.

For several years I envisioned creating a company that would help other beauty business professionals create what I created in my business. Give amazing spray tans, increase their income and have fun in a business that makes people look good and feel fantastic.

All of that led me to create Spraytanica. A unique spray tan company that offers superior spray tan training, equipment, professional solution, education, coaching and consulting.



So, all that brings me to you my fellow Beauty Business Professional and soon to be Spray Tan Artist!